Where Do Babies Come From?

J.L. Sweat reading Birds Bees Babies

Where Do Babies Come From?  This question is one of the most controversial questions ever asked!  Children every where have asked adults and each other this question for generations.  So what is the magic answer? 

Well, it depends on who you ask!


There are so many answers!  Here is a list of some of the most popular solutions to the mystery that at some point has gripped most children:  Where Do Babies Come From? (The items on this list don’t appear in any particular order)



News Flash: The Stork is the most popular answer!

Ask anyone where babies come from and who delivers a baby and most people will have little problem telling you that the Stork is the real MVP!  The Stork delivers babies.  This is just something everyone knows.  If you are trying to figure out where babies come from, you have to investigate the Stork, because the Stork is definitely a bird of interest.


2. The Birds & The Bees Make Babies!


For generations, parents have been telling their children that there is a Santa Claus.  Parents have also been telling children about the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  For many, these items all represent important bedrocks of the innocence of childhood.  The Birds & the Bees are the same thing.  Just as parents aren’t in a rush to explain away Santa or the Tooth Fairy, they arguably should not be adverse to explaining away the Birds & The Bees.  The Birds & the Bees Story is an important part of the innocence of childhood.  However, many parents decide not to tell that story because the teaching children about sexuality is very uncomfortable and has serious importance to it.

However, whether a parent engages in a biological discussion or decides to take a fairy tale approach to the issue, it is important to start the discussion.  Whether story is being told to children should be one that is engaging.  The parent should be prepared to talk to a child and to answer questions.

Everyone Knows Birds & Bees Make Babies!


3. Baby Boys are made of Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails!


Many people have vague memories of what it takes to make little boys, and what they remember is “frogs, snails & puppy dog tails” are what all little boys are made of.  So for many, little boys come from some interesting items.


4. Baby Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice & Some Things That Are Nice!

Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  This notion is one that can be a double edged sword.  While it is a common notion of where babies come from, these notions can be pretty limiting.  There are great dangers in telling little girls (or little boys) that they should act a certain way.  People often concentrate on the sweet and nice but forget something important, that spices can be pretty potent!

5. Babies Come From Heaven!


Babies come from heaven!  Who can argue with that?  After all, babies are truly a gift from heaven!


6. Babies Come From Mommies & Daddies!

Babies come from mommies & daddies!  Parents talking to children about where babies come from have a tough time figuring out what to tell them, but babies coming from mommy & daddy is often a go to route!  What that means and how to explain that, well, if you have questions, go ask your mom or dad!

Check Out the Story of

the Birds and the Bees:

It has birds, bees, frogs snails, puppy dog tails, sugar, spice & some things that are nice.  It even has a stork!




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