The Birds and the Bees don’t feel sorry for HP.

OF course, it was exciting to hear that there was going to be a discounted HP Touchpad sold for $99 ($149 for the 32 GB version). Running the Kindle or Nook apps on the Touchpad (if there even is a Nook App) would have been the greatest way ever to read BIRDS, BEES, BABIES and learn the story of the birds and the bees.

Fail. The HP site has been down all day. It works. It just does not work. Best Buy does not even list the Touchpad. A trip to the Best Buy in Union Square led to the discovery of lots of awkward people asking about the Touchpad and one individual following a guy with an HP shirt around the store as if he knew some secret. The guy kept telling the poor stalker that he did not work for HP, that it was “just a shirt.” Strange or not, the birds and the bees love everyone.

Radio Shack also decided not to give a discount but did indeed acknowledge having HP Touchpads in stock, which is more than I can say for Staples and Best Buy.

The site still lists the Touchpad as being out of stock. The HP small & medium business site allows you to load your cart until your heart is content. However, as soon as you go to check out, you get a funky error. Its like a mind game. The Birds and the Bees don’t approve at all. Hopefully, at some point, some smart individuals figure out a way to flash Android onto the HP Touchpad and all of the people who got the discounted HP Touchpad can be happy. Otherwise, I am sure there will be lots of happy people using the Touchpad.

The HP website is actually taking email addresses in order to send updates.  Ironically, even that is not working properly.  This is the best free publicity HP has ever gotten, its too bad its because they are even failing at failing.  If you fail when you fail, does that make you a failure squared?

Honestly, I don’t even care. I just wanted a $149 Touchpad. I am sure you would have too. I can’t wait to see what Amazon’s Tablet offering is going to be. If the folks at Amazon were smart, they would find a way to start taking preorders for their coming offering now. This is the best time to advertise what may be an amazing product: At the competitor’s funeral.

Maybe HP will get it together and sell off some of those Touchpad’s after all.

HP’s site doesn’t work, but Amazon’s does! At least we aren’t having problems selling Birds, Bees, Babies! Last we checked, the Kindle and Nook Versions were working too.