Finally, someone has gotten around to actually telling the story of the birds and the bees…For generations, children (and oddly enough, some adults) have asked the question, “where do babies come from?” There have been answers from the biological to the absurd. However, everyone knows its got to do with birds and bees…but what does that mean? Did your mother ever tell you? J.L. Sweat masterfully tells a captivating non-biological story about how babies come from the birds and the bees. This story even makes mention of other mysterious loose ends, like sugar & frogs, to go where no story has gone before! No longer do you have to wonder whether a child is old enough to know the story you don’t even know. Buy this book and know the real story!!

Below is a video of the story of the birds and the bees!

J.L. Sweat reading Birds, Bees, Babies in New York City!


This is a great book for people who want to have or even divert the birds and bees talk with children.


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