1) What is this book about?

The birds and the bees. Birds, Bees, Babies is a book that takes a “Santa Claus” or nonbiological approach to teaching children about the birds and the bees. When a child asks the age old question, where do babies come from, this book can help provide a healthy and positive solution to having the birds and bees talk. The book follows a little girl who has been taunted by a friend because she does not know where babies come from. Her father tells her the story of the birds and the bees and that babies are created because the birds and the bees make a baby and then it is delivered by the stork. This unique and exciting story is intended to present a non-sexual approach to the explanation of where children come from.

2) What age group is this book directed to?

The audience for the book is preschool and elementary school aged children. It is intended for all audiences. Children from 2-9 years old will enjoy this book and will be able to follow it, whether they read it or if it is read to them. The book is written in a format in which the words rhyme.

3) How do I contact the Publisher of the Book?

OH SWEAT PUBLISHING is the Publisher of the book. They can be contact by email at info@birdsbeesbabies.com

4) Why does your site link to third party sites?

Sales of the book are made through third party channels, based on the format being purchased. The E-book versions are available on the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. There is also an EPUB formatted book that is sold through Google Books. The Kindle version is sold by Amazon.com and can be loaded to your Kindle E-book reader. The Nook version is sold through Barnes and Noble and can be loaded to your Nook. The Nook version is in full color. The Full Color Print version of the book is available through our Createspace.com store and through Amazon.com.

5) Are the sites that the book is sold from safe?

Createspace.com is owned and operated by Amazon.com, a trusted and respected internet retailer. In our experience, they stand by their products and will remedy any problems that may occur. We recommend buying the print version of the book from the Createspace store. Periodically, we will allow for special offers through the store.

6) Who should I contact if I have a problem with a particular book? What if I get a damaged or defective copy of the book?

If you have a problem with a Nook Book, please contact Barnes and Noble.

If you have a problem with a Kindle Book, please contact Amazon.

If you have a problem with a Print Book from Createspace, please contact Createspace.

If you have a problem with a Print Book from Amazon, please contact Amazon.

7) Are bulk discounts available for educational institutions and libraries?

Please contact OH SWEAT PUBLISHING directly at info@birdsbeesbabies.com for more information about these items.

8 ) Will you speak at our school/event?

Please contact OH SWEAT PUBLISHING directly at info@birdsbeesbabies.com for more information about event availability.

9) Is your book available on the IPAD?

The book is not currently available through APPLE. If you have an IPOD, IPAD, or IPHONE, please download the Nook or Kindle Apps and you can buy the book on each of those platforms and read it on your Apple Device.

10) Who is the illustrator of the Book?

The book was illustrated by Rosemarie Gillen. Her work can be seen at www.rosemariegillen.com. She lives in the mountains of Virginia with her wonderful family, along with one large, lovable, crazy dog Reilly.

11) Are autographed copies of the book available?

At the present time, autographed copies of Birds Bees Babies are not available. However, please check back periodically to find information regarding book signing events in your area.

12) I would like to review the book for my publication, who do I contact?

Please contact OH SWEAT PUBLISHING directly at info@birdsbeesbabies.com for more information about reviewer copies.

13) Where is the book printed?

The book is printed in the United States of America. Most of the print versions of the book are printed in Charleston, SC and proudly say “Made in the USA”.

14) Is the book sexual in nature?

No. The book takes a “Santa Claus” approach to explaining the birds and the bees to children. It is a story about a little girl who is taunted by a friend and asks her parents where babies come from. She is told that birds and bees make them with help from a stork.

15) Is the book in color?

Yes! The Print version and the Nook versions are in Full Color! The Kindle version was also submitted in color. However, currently, the Kindle only uses E-Ink. However, viewing the Kindle Version using a mobile phone version of the Kindle App should show the book in color.