J.L. Sweat’s story of the Birds and the Bees is definitely entertaining, and is cute. It does answer the question of where babies come from, without going into any technical information that young children don’t really need to know.
The wording used in the book is great for young readers. Tala was able to read this entire book without any help, aside from the work Beezerck. The artwork was cute, but understated. Tala felt that there could have been more artwork presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the lilt of the story, and the rhyming made the book flow extremely well which is very important to me when choosing books for my girls.
Definitely a great book for young readers, but also for parents to share with their younger ones at bedtime.
Jaime & Tala The Optimistic Beauty

I recently received a copy of the book Birds, Bees and Babies by J.L. Sweat and what a cute little story it is!
Ciera, of SwankyMomsClub.com SwankyMomsClub.com

What an adorable and funny twist on the topic of the birds & bees! My daughter loves reading this book with me and cracks up laughing, especially the part about puppy dog tails! I highly recommend this book to those looking for a cute story about the birds and the bees! JNL review on amazon

With a now nine-year old and almost six-year-old, we are coming to the realization the boys might need more than animal breeding conversations when discussing how babies are made. Like many farm kids, they understand how the rabbits breed, how calves are born via Artificial Insemination AND how baby chics are created but they are very curious about how THEY were made.

Are you in the same boat? Need help chatting about the birds & the bees & ahem, babies? Author J.L. Sweat and Oh Sweat publishing have created the book ‘Birds, Bees, Babies’ which explains where babies come from…without discussing sex or biology! No longer do we have to avoid telling our kids about the birds & the bees!
Jenny Schweigert, Blogger: The Magic Farm House

erica Birds Bees Babies

My daughter loves the characters. My wife and I been reading it to her every night since Saturday
Yang C.

I never knew the story of the birds and the bees…now I know it..and I love it!
Rhonda J.

My son never lets me read a whole book to him…but he lets me get thru this one..
Jessie D.

When my child asked me where babies came from, my heart stopped…Thank god I found this book!
Robert H.

Read it again!!
Edith S.

This Story Rocks!! Birds, Bees, Babies is my favorite nursery rhyme!
Michelle C.

I don’t know why that lady wanted to join the Navy, but I love this book!
Maria G.

I know where babies come from!
Steven H.

I was concerned initially, but I was very impressed with this book!
Anna K.